Deadly weapons and and landslides, more frequent floods, longer drought severe EL NINO  and LA NINA episodes, rising sea level and melting glacier.

These catastrophes are most likely to happen if nothing is done fast to address the rapid global change.

The question is : Are we ready to face bigger disasters? The Philippines, being an archipelagic country, is indeed most vulnerable.

“If the sea level further rises, many of our islands will be under water disappear”.Food production will also drop if there are stronger typhoons and rains as more crops will be destroyed.

Massive corel bleaching in various reefs was also noted. Fish kills and highly

mortality of cultured giants clams and severe red tide outbreaks also took place.

A few years ago flashfloods and landslides due to torrential  rains hit Philippines typhoon SENDONG the World’s deadliest storm killing thousands of people and destroying a lot of crops and property.

“With the global change our  biodiversity is threatened,agriculture,fresh water,coastal change,resources, plants and animal species and even threaten the

diversity of the ecosystem as well as human health.

We can make a difference.First step, is by reading and learning more about the environment. Plant trees because trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air.

Second,reuse,recycle. When you do so,you send less trash and help save

resources like trees oil,aluminum and others.

Third, follow proper waste disposal,stop using kerosene lamp, or even resist from smoking.

Every matured individual should do his or her share so many things to do help in the total effort.

By: MRS. ESTRELITA P. DOMINGUEZ | T-III ( Social Science )

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