One of the biggest fears in the English language is writing. Many students of English are still coping up with the writing skills. The findings of the NAEP 1998 Writing Report Card were clear: students experienced with writing more than one draft of a paper, and the student whose writing was saved in folders or portfolio, achieved higher average scores than their peers who did not write multiple drafts or save their writing. One significant way that a teacher can help a student in the classroom to lessen their writing fears is doing the assessment of written composition by themselves and then by exchanging works with their seatmates. Gradually, these children will contribute knowledge in writing with each other, the teacher will do the final checking. If a teacher uses this self-assessment strategy for students, they will eventually love & learn writing. Finally, students must have an assessment of their own written composition.

We can also get some benefits of self-assessment of written composition (Cram, 1995). This strategy gives learning experience. It enhances learner’s awareness of the learning process, encourage autonomous learning and lessens the assessment burdens of teachers.

For the teacher, when using this method, must not forget to use or give to students clear standards and bench marks suited to students‘ levels. This will help them in communicating about their own achievement.

Students should also be encouraged to develop the critical ability to evaluate their own work, so they become effective, independent writers in the world beyond school and at the end they will emerged as writers without doubt and fears.

By: MR. CLARO TRIA DE CASTRO | Teacher III | Asuncion Consunji Elementary School, , Samal, Bataan (Former Imelda Elementary School)

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