Disasters that repeatedly and mercilessly bring about havoc, poverty and death nowadays are seen as a consequence of the climate change currently being suffered not by our nation alone but by the entire world. Such phenomenon can be traced back to global warming caused by the continuous depletion of the ozone layer. 

Facing such lives and livelihood threats necessitates everybody to give his fair share in the humanity’s attempt to save the Earth.

Here are the things that an ordinary individual could easily do:

Conserve. Adopt measures that will reduce your consumption of fuel oils.

Schedule trips wisely. Automobiles and other transportation vehicles are among the biggest contributors of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. If you can schedule your trip wisely, you can save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions.

Plant as many trees as possible.  Support the government’s tree-planting projects. Encourage your children to participate actively in their school’s plant-a-tree drive. Grow trees in your own yard. If you can’t plant a tree, don’t cut one. Lobby against illegal loggers!

By: Mrs. Jocelyn M. Reyes | Mariveles National High School | Mariveles Bataan

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