Multiple intelligences and learning styles belong to different schools of thoughts but in more ways than one. They complement each other. No need to put them in conflicting terms. The bottom line here is any approach to gain learning is a welcome gift. These strategies come from the natural activities that we do consciously or unconsciously. Games and dynamics are used here as well as spontaneity, innovation, reflection and creativity.

  1. 1. Music Images
  • Listening to a taped instrumental music, the teacher challenges the pupils to create drawings, symbols and sketches by following the rhythm of music. This is done in silence. Pupils will develop their listening skills using this technique.

 2. The Tourist Guide

  • Here, the materials are posted in every side of the room and the teacher goes around discussing them. This idea is to deviate from the usual conventional way of demonstrating and showing visual aids. The teacher will do all the talking and the pupils listen, observe and later questions are asked.

 3. Objects and Symbols

  • A person learns best and can understand best if the ideas introduced to them can be touched, smelled, tasted, seen or heard. In this strategy, the task of the teacher is physically or materially translates the ideas in her topic using objects and symbols.

 4. Generative Themes

  • These are pictures that can provoke one to ask question to think, analyze and reflect. Just prepare cut-outs from magazines, newspapers. They generate emotions of joy, sorrow, or fear. A lesson is best remembered if it goes with emotions associated with it. Discussions can revolve around the picture.

By: MS. MARISOL M. DE LEON | Master Teacher I | Orion Elementary School, Orion, Bataan

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