Young journalists are not only trained in writing articles. They are also trained for fighting poverty. Journalism helps people understand that they should not let our country be defeated by poverty.

Poverty brings us down. We should bring a solution to poverty with the help of journalism. We can write articles about the cause of poverty. There we will give solutions or conclusions to fight it. We must challenge all the people to fight it. We must challenge all the people to fight poverty. If not, who will do it? Even wealthy people were affected. No one can survive poverty unless we solve it now. Based on surveys, about 10 % of Filipinos were affected by poverty and until now, it is still growing. According to them, every Filipino Family should earn twenty thousand pesos and up to twenty five thousand pesos. It is almost exact to sustain all the family’s need. The growing amount of poor people is our reason to commence the people solves the problems by means of writing. If our article will be challenging enough and solve the problem, the people will surely deal with it.

By: Mrs. Estelita M. Laguitan | Teacher III | Limay Elementary School | Limay, Bataan

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