Over the years’ research, had played an exceptional role in bringing out results, that would cater what is indispensable across the globe. Indeed, there is a vast need to lift the research culture in every place to ensure a better future that would secure today and tomorrow’s children. It is clear that thru research, it provides the learners opportunity to look for new information, new ideas and new understanding about a certain phenomenon or topic which is helpful in developing their higher-order thinking skills.

As a matter of fact, in the current K-12 curriculum under the Department of Education research is highlighted often and integrated into almost all the subject to adapt to the demands of today’s life. With this in mind, research is helping the Department of Education to be adaptive to the principles behind 21st-century learning which consist of a constellation of learning characteristics necessary to ensure that the learners are equipped and ready to face life challenges.

It is truly imperative to give praise to what can research do not only in our learner but even to our entire community. Establishing a research-oriented school environment that can help the learners discover valuable learnings that may contribute in the future of the educational system of the Philippine country. Although systematic investigated is not an easy task which leads to results and discussion up to formulating your conclusion and recommendations it enhances the learners in terms of critical thinking and develops the attitude of patience and hard work in learnings.

It is the hope of the Philippine Education for additional fund meant the future researchers of our country. It starts with the student learning in a class regardless of the modality. The fund may support the aims and objective of the research study which is to help and create innovative ways how life can become easier in different areas.

Equally important, the Department of Education is encouraging every learners and teacher to utilize resources and learning opportunities that’s uplifts research practices which is believed has a significant role in a better and brighter future. It is said that research leads people to discover ways and practices that are helpful and important. With this in mind, it is imperative to remember that research uncovers different solutions that addresses different issues and challenges that our society has especially in the field of education where research plays crucial role.

Benjamin Joseph B. Lomibao|Master Teacher I|Cataning Integrated School|Balanga City, Bataan
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