One of the important aspect of learning is to be able to learn how to lead and develop leadership skills which produces leaders that is necessary in the society. Although it can be seen that the road to leadership is difficult it is important to emphasize that to be able to lead effectively one must be a good follower thru leading by example.

By definition leading by example is guiding and leading your subordinates through your behavior and actions more that words. Demonstrating an immense effort of leading by example particularly inside and outside the classroom can expect to receive respect not only to the people under his or her leadership but even from his or her superiors. Leading by example contributes to develop inspiration and confidence among others which is an imperative ingredient in the success of any leader.

As a matter of fact, there are a couple of ways on how someone can inspire and lead by example. One important thing to do is to be able to do the work and know one’s responsibility. Being able to ensure that the work is done thru active participation hasten the workloads and develops effective leadership. Another important thing to remember is watch what you say. Word is a powerful tool that can build and break someone. Being careful to his or her words that comes out from his or her mouth is an essential characteristic that demonstrates leading by example. Furthermore, another important point is being respectful to the chain of command. Respect in other leadership regardless whether beneath or above is an attribute that every leader should possess to ensure effective communication and eliminates conflicts within the institution or organization. Next, is listen to the team. Listening to the members of the group as a leader demonstrate humility, receptiveness and openness to the ideas that may lift the organization up faster than the usual. In addition, to be able to lead by example one must take responsibility and accountability. It demonstrates being in charge regardless whatever will be the output. It shows leading the team positively and shows courage that overpowers fear in leadership. Lastly, a leader must take care or himself. It is important to take care of one self to be able to always shows the full potential of your leadership which comes from first being physically, mentally and emotionally fit for the work.

            Leading by example is not an easy task it requires diligent work and patience in every aspect. Being able to lead by example teaches principle of leadership that is necessary in the success of the entire organization and develops personal values that is needed in the educational system of the Philippines.

Benjamin Joseph B. Lomibao|Master Teacher I|Cataning Integrated School|Balanga City, Bataan
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