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Education: In the Issue of Patriotism

                “A man who is a mediocre but possesses superb patriotism is greater than a genius who wishes to leave his country for his own sake.”

                People are often dominated by extreme passion to attain maximum welfare in life. In fact, we will exhaust all the ways and means just to attain such goal. We are governed by some capricious thoughts of having a prosperous life with enormous house, luxurious cars, and other indicators of wealth.

                As we go along with the aisle of our desires and dreams, we choose to undergo the process of “educating” ourselves through the help of public schools in our country. We are endowed with privilege to study without worries about tuition fees. Free education is indeed the first milestone to triumph.

                When educational endeavour finally comes to an end, some individuals excel academically and eventually receive exceptional awards and honors as proofs of their “excellence” while some remain average in their chosen fields. So, what’s the next step?

                Some who are lucky enough or endowed with determination will be easily hired in an occupation that they desire to be inclined to. However, with the lack of contentment, they will be aspiring for more. While contemplating about the thoughts of having “Greener Pasteur”, they will think about…ABROAD. Certainly, a brilliant idea. Many people hope to work in other countries with the notion of creating better future for their loved ones.

                If we will dissect things into pieces, is it socially or culturally accepted when Filipinos desire a workout of the country? Are we deviating from the spirit of patriotism if we pursue our aspirations of choosing to earn dollars over peso?  Is it rational to think that we don’t have debt of gratitude since the government gives us opportunity to have free education?

                With those rhetorical questions, it is more objective if we will forget the things that we used to believe. Yes, it is better to stay in our country to serve our Kababayans. Yes, it is our utmost obligation. But looking at the broader perspective in life, going abroad isn’t always an indicator of ill-patriotism. Let us not be hypocrite enough to deny that most people will do everything to attain success and achieving better living in other countries. However, that doesn’t mean that you totally forget your responsibilities.

Always bear in mind that choosing to work abroad will not necessarily imply that you turn your back on our land; it will not always mean that you choose to leave your country. Leaving your nation has deeper meaning. It is about putting off all the qualities of being a Filipino and dressing up anew with cultures, thoughts, and traditions of other countries.

  In setting your feet in the land of nowhere, you can be proud of who you are. You can be a Filipino. A Filipino with indefatigable spirit. A Filipino who will never be ashamed of his country. A Filipino who can create a difference. A Filipino who will always be PROUD OF BEING A FILIPINO.