Mutual respect should be extended even in international waters. And even a dictator should know that.

                Last August 26, 2017, North Korean President Kim Jong Un launched three projectiles from the East Coast to the sea of Japan. This has further cause the deterioration of the ongoing peace talks of the United States of America and North Korea.  According to US President Donald Trump, NoKor has successfully “ended” the 25 years of negotiation between the two countries.

                According to the government of NoKor, they were merely testing their capabilities under the treaty of both countries.  The projectiles use during the testing have no nuclear abilities. And they even made sure that no country or population will be affected.

                The manipulation of nuclear missiles should not be considered if there is no intention of using them. There is no assurance that the missiles will not go astray and hit civilian population. The slightest error can be disastrous and may even trigger World War III.

                All countries around the world must unite to put an end Kim Jong Un’s wrong perspective. We must voice out our concerns and make measures to finally stop all kinds of testing. All countries must forced Korea to follow international laws that protects everybody’s rights.

                Nobody must be above the law. Not even if you are a president with big d--- missiles.


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