There are times when we get into some interesting confusions in life. Experience leads us to delve deeper into answering questions as we wonder on the wisdom we can gain from it.  As it passes our way it there are urgings that provoke us to give time and think about it. With time given to reflection we discover the truth.

          Everything in life is not accidental.  Driven by our thoughts life experiences teach us to discover a lot of things. Every experience given an ample time for review has its way for us to realize the lessons we have from them. Starting from one self experiences teach us a lot of things when we are keen about it.

          Life situations can either be incidental or circumstantial.  All will depend on how we find ourselves being in it.  Giving them big or small importance may be the key to the discovery of interesting facts about life. Most often than not, when an unexpected happens that turns to be negative on us we assume that we have fallen victim to some circumstance. On the other hand, we can also look and take them as interesting confusions of life. When this is accepted we will realize that we are into a great learning process. In dog so, we are led to realize that we are not victims of circumstances but an appreciative learner of the lesson that was taught by experience.    

          An interesting confusion that can catch our fancy to pause and think for a moment is, “How come a structure is called a building when it is already built?” It may sound funny, but the more it becomes confusing, it gets more interesting. When we are building on something, it is progressive. Once completed, it remains to be in a process of progression because the purpose of building something has to be sustained. Without sustaining it, the premise of the whole building process might end as a practice in futility. The lesson that can be extracted from the situational experience makes us realize that in life the act of building is a never ending process. Unless we decide to stop, the progress and advancement we are looking for will never be attained. Rather than ending it that way, it is up to us to make an experience interesting and beneficial to our advantage. Coming from an interesting confusion, most of the things in life that matter can bring us to discover interesting enlightenment.

          Among others, an important lesson that can be derived from our experience is the discovery of one self. The learning of our strengths and weaknesses can be gratifying because it is where we discover our potentials. It teaches us to manage the areas that are risky and to make the most of what is beneficial. Experience that takes us to the edge can make us more determined and stronger amidst the challenges that we may face in the future. The product of readiness is much better than finding ourselves hanging on a thread and not knowing what to do next.

          Let us take the opportunity to look deeper in each of our circumstantial experience in life. Regardless of who and what we are in life, the great lesson that experience can teach us is how to treat interesting confusions not merely as incidental but a privileged time to gain new learning.  


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