A Teacher’s Dream

Everyone has his own reason for waking up in the morning.  Every person has his own inspiration, a purpose to live- for some it may be his family, his friends, his children, his work or it can be his dreams.  Dreams can push someone into their own limits-it can make or break a person, improve and make him a better person or it can also bring chaos into someone else’s life.  Dreams can be considered a very powerful driving force and most people live and work for it.  Mostly, youngsters are very passionate in chasing their dreams and it is one of the easiest topics to discuss with youngster and students.  If a teacher would ask about the students’ dreams, it can and may consume long hours of discussion but have somebody even asked a teacher about his dreams?

               The society considers a teacher a successful individual- maybe because most teachers know how to carry themselves and project an image that can inspire everyone.  People often consider a teacher as someone who is contented and happy with his life- someone who would not want to reach for the moon and the stars.  Students believe that a teacher has already achieved what he wanted in life. These things may be true but there is more than just these things.  We may ask several teachers and they may tell you a dream or two that they really dream about.

Teachers dream of having a real vacation.  You may have heard of the two-month summer vacation being “enjoyed” by teachers.  Well, lucky are those who really have their summer vacation because most of the time teachers are still being required to do certain tasks and fulfill responsibilities during summer.

Teachers dream of having a better remuneration.  Who wouldn’t want to receive a better salary?  The truth is teachers’ wage these days are a way lot higher compared in the past but then the demands, responsibilities and even the expenses these days are indeed overwhelming.  A lot of people may ask, where does this battle cry about salary increase coming from?  Some even raise their brows.  Maybe because a lot of people didn’t know that sometimes teachers shell out their own money in order to do his responsibilities, something that is not being experienced by some labor force.

Teachers dream of being appreciated and respected.  Recently, there have been reports and news items about some high school students who can’t even read or do simple arithmetic, who were blamed?  There have been reports also about the deteriorating quality of education, who were blamed?  The answer to both questions- TEACHERS!  Teachers have their “Teacher’s Day” wherein students and even the world give them a chance to celebrate but teachers definitely need more than that.

               Teachers may have different dreams but there is one dream that teachers partake that is to see their students happy and successful in whatever field and life they may have in the future because the true measure of the teacher’s success can’t be measured inside the four walls of the classroom.

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