Fear of Math: Innate or Acquired?



Have you ever encountered someone who hates Mathematics or who was not even interested in solving Mathematics equations and problems?    You may also heard an instance wherein someone felt nauseous and dizzy just be looking at numbers.  There were even some students who will choose to start outside or make frequent visits in canteens than to try to understand Math lessons.  Some would opt to scribble, sleep and try to look tiring during discussions related to Math and numbers.

Arithmophobia or numerophobia is generally described as fear of numbers wherein the person may suffer from different symptoms like sweating, irregular heartbeat and nausea.  Some people who suffers from this condition experience those things out of hand.  Now you might start asking, is this condition innate or acquired?

            Most of the cases of arithmophobia originated from a bad experience in the past.  It may have resulted from a poor performance in the person’s early years or from the way the person was treated by his former Math teacher. This situation may also be rooted from the person’s lack of confidence in his skills in solving Mathematical problems that’s why they don’t even want to try.    Some even lacked patience in trying to find the value of “x” and “y”.

            No one should judge someone who is suffering from such condition because nobody would ever want to have such fear because numbers and arithmetic is already a part of our everyday life.  We can never escape from Math.  Instead of laughing at their condition or situation, students and teachers should take part in trying to help the person out of this situation.  The first step should be acceptance, accepting that there is something wrong and the person needs help.  After that, the person suffering from such condition should help himself by starting to gain the basic skills in Mathematics and that can be a good start. Lastly, to overcome the fear of Mathematics, don’t hesitate to ask their teachers for help and assistance. Nothing is impossible for someone who is determined and patient.  Whether you have arithmophobia or not,  remember that Mathematics is fun; it is something that must enjoyed in different ways.




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