In the midst of social media posts wherein several issues, concerns and opinions were being raised everyday, there have been some pressing apprehensions about some students’ need for approval, affirmation and applause.  How do some of them intend to achieve those? Some try to get the commendation of the people around them through their talents, good physical looks and high grades.  Looking at the intention, we can say that there is nothing with it; there is nothing wrong to desire for people’s attention and love but if we will dig deeper, there is something to be afraid of.

            The society can never expect people to look, live and act the way they do a decade ago.  Everything changes.  A lot of things changed and the society must live with it but if there are some things that must remain the same they are –VALUES which really matter for a decent living.  People have heard about a student struggling to get good grades but have you ever heard about a person who is struggling to become a better person, neighbor or daughter?  The public may have seen facebook posts and shares about someone who possessed a charming face but it is very seldom that we read a post about someone who knows how to segregate waste.

            The world may change, the technology may even become more progressive but if there are some things that must be instilled in everyone that is to give importance to values like respect, responsibility, sound and fair judgment and concern for others.  Those values can get into places and no one will never go wrong with them.  A person who knows how to respect others will be respected as well, someone who takes and does his responsibilities well will earn the trust, respect and love of people around him, someone who gives sound and fair judgment will likely to earn good friends and somebody who knows how to care for others will receive love and care in return.

            The society may be living in a fast changing world wherein the people are surrounded with advance technologies but it will always be best to do things and give importance to things which really matters and they are values which are way worthy than a thousand likes and shares- something that must last a lifetime.  So, whenever you have a chance to make someone realize the importance of morals, don’t hesitate to ensure it.





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