Wise Career Move

Sometimes we, as teachers, thought of not enrolling for furtherance of our career. We feel tired and contented of what we know and on the position we currently have. We feel that bringing ourselves to another dimension of our career would be quiet pricey and hassle too. Others will reiterate the importance of spending quality time with their families every Saturday rather than coming to school.

Well, here’s the other side of the coin, my dear teacher.

Foremost, as a legitimate member of the education field, we need to have a solid career path in order to ensure that we will grow in our environment. Taking additional courses, trainings and professional development sessions are the key steps towards productivity and promotions.

Graduate studies and completion of your doctorate are both great ideas. Advance degrees like these will certainly open up a lot of job opportunities, not to mention the expansion or enrichment of your professional knowledge and practical knowledge as well.

In my mind and based on my observations, the more teaching certificates you’ve gotten for yourself, the better it is for you.

Leadership trainings, skills in good communication and knowledge/aptitude in solving arising conflicts in one’s work place is indeed a must for traditional/season educators much more with our 21st century teachers.  Having a diversity of skills in management of parents, students and colleagues will be one’s great advantage.

By these presented ways of having further education and numerous trainings, we can be certain to prevent career stagnation and surely promotions after promotions will come our way ahead.

Good luck!


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