In a democracy, freedom of speech is a composite part of one’s constitutional right of a citizen. The freedom to express one’s thought or idea is exhillirating and the same is true in having to enjoy the liberty of writing them as aligned with press freedom.

            Man’s quest for knowledge is never ending. It is a noble endeavor for every individual being to explore on what is beneficial and and helpful to others and not only for the service of one’s own interest. Knowledge will not grow by itself alone unless willingly shared to one another. Greater is the knowledge that contributes to the better welfare of men.

            Limited as we are, it is to be accepted that each one of us can not solely depend on what we know. With such an acceptance we are more can be more empowered to deal with it in a social manner of ethical exchange. That is, we must use our freedom to ask whatever it is that we need to know.

            The all-knowing mind at times can put us in situations that we would not like to happen.  There will be moments that will bring an individual to isolation because he or she lacks the generosity of having to ask regarding certain issues from others on how things would appear from another’s point of view. When this symptom persists, it is time to solicit help from others whom we can rely on for the purpose of bridging ideas to get better results. It has been said over and over again that “two heads are better than one.” Setting aside wishful thinking it will always remain that when we inquire from others that our knowledge can be better and further enhanced.


            When it comes to it, one must be prepared in asking educated questions. It will spell the difference in transforming one’s knowledge to wisdom. In every story ever told, we must initiate in knowing who, what, where, when, and how things developed in the plot. But the real value of the lesson within each story is the answer to the question “why”. The “why” refers to the essential substance of the story being referred to and by unearthing it the full appreciation of understanding the whole of the story can be derived. Its meaning and purpose.

            The same is true in asking educated questions. We must not fear the truth that  we are limited as we are. We may even be surprised to know that the question we asked for an answer will also add up to the wisdom of the person we asked about it. Yes, asking educated questions can be a matter of true exchange of what wisdom really is.


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