Our Philippines Educational System is undergoing a massive change with the advent of technology in the K-12 Curriculum. The application of computer technology has increased in classroom. Settings the trend toward this learning is occurring in schools as a result of technological advancement to keep abreast with recent developments that affect the professional goals.

            In education, the computer is good at presenting individualized lesson materials almost simultaneously with feedback and correction. This becomes an agenda of the present because of the several advantages using the computer for instruction. Because of their lower cost, computers are highly used in classrooms or even in homes. The revolutionize communication of information and understanding in the classroom. Because of the improvement, communication will move further at an accelerating rate in the years to come.

            This new trend eventually affects how we work in school and the quality of our lives.

Cellphones, tablets, and laptops of varying kinds are within our grasp. These are all technological innovations to amuse the positive outcome in our educational system.

            Some of the recent flagship programs of DepEd are “Text to teach,” utilization interactive board IceXeeLS, multimedia packages and the like. The Department of Education (DepED) provides an answer to the need to break away from conventional disciplines, to improve more interdisciplinary and multi-dimensional instruction across the country.

            Therefore, knowledge of computers is fast becoming fundamental. At present, high paying jobs required this knowledge. People without it may very well be downgraded to lower thus paying job or find themselves unable to move beyond a certain point in the working place or management team.

            We should wake up to the reality that computers are here to remain and can be effective avenues for instruction. Education will go on to become more of a “lifelong” understanding and will progressively take place outside the boundaries of the traditional school. If we totally embrace and develop skills in using this advancement as they should be and without abuse. We can produce complement and young citizens for a better 21st Century


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