People usually say that working in the office is the most comfortable job. Airconditioned room, papers, and computers, the things we encounter in every single day. Comfort is what they say we have inside the room.

            The deadlines are piled. Some unresolved papers are still hanged. The priority papers make it more uneasy. Still we need to smile and be courteous. For years, it is what I do. I am hardworking but still I feel pressure. I am knowledgeable to the job but I still attend trainings and seminar that will equip me to fit the job. I am doing it not only for myself but to the institution and the agency I am working.

            Working in DepEd is a hard task. But I believe we, the people in the office are also important to run the institution and the agency properly. We are valuable in our own way to make the school run smoothly.

            Just last semester, the head, made a new program. The daily accomplishments should be listed and labeled. At first, the program became the talk of the work place. Personally, it was a tedious task for me. But eventually it became a habit to simply look at the brighter side it does and can do to us. At present, everybody is enjoying the task. Everybody knows we are productive. Everybody knows we are important because we are sure we had done even a little thing in a day, because it is listed.

            Sometimes we just need to follow the trail to succeed! We don’t need to complain, even ask. All we need to do is believe that the heads are thinking better ways to make things better for all of us.



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