Addressing School Issue

Before we can cure, we require arrangements, however, to anticipate, we have to cure something.

 There are always two sides of a coin.

 Different bullying occurrences are still present in the Philippines as today’s general public neglected to define solid arrangements on certain social issues adversely influencing humankind, on the grounds that most people consider resolutions without their full understanding, coming about to the exacerbation of awful circumstances that need quick end. In any case, individuals are not appropriately situated about the genuine idea of tormenting and that perpetuators were likewise casualties and what they truly need is consideration, not confinement.

As indicated by Social Weather Station’s (SWS) Surveys on Families, one out of six college students is an individual from a broken family. Concentrate likewise infers that young people required in non well related families do not have much strength to confront the truth, coming about to sudden changes in their behavioral practices. Some of them were candidly and rationally solid at to start with, yet they turn out to be even more a powerless individual inside. Therefore, they utilize harassing as their barrier to conceal their inward insecurity.

Be that as it may, passionate and mental mending will take some time and before one transforms into a powerless individual, laws have been passed in congress to address this issue. One case is the Republic Act 10627 otherwise called the Anti-Bullying Act of 2013.

 On the issue of whether the Philippines has an efficient child protection program or not, Mr. Sonny Santos, a popular online media-based leadership development strategist said: “According to the consolidated report of Department of Education (Dep Ed), bullying cases on elementary, high school or even college of both private and public schools on 2014 rose by 21% or a total of 6,363 cases, compare with the 5,236 on 2013.

On the other hand, as expressed in reports from the Philippine Star in July 2019, teachers or school personnel are expected to report the bullying incidence they have witnessed personally to the committee of child protection to which the guidance counselor is a member, only few did so according to participants. In fact, there were only 9% of respondents who indicated this type of response to bullying from their teachers or class advisers. About the same number (10%) said that their teachers informed parents of children involved in the bullying incident. The remaining 3% of participants indicated that their educators have done nothing about the bullying case they have witnessed.”

The expansion in harassing frequencies is exceptionally disturbing, yet Dr, Leonor Briones said RA 10627 prepared for an uplifted mindfulness against kid misuse.

“It has propelled the DepEd’s Child’s protection Policy (CCP) through the formation of Child Protection Committees in school divisions,” she included. The said law likewise requires open and private rudimentary and auxiliary schools to receive strategies to manage harassing to give a more secure environment to understudies.

Once the casualties and culprits improved, the main thing vital is sustainability. Remember that counteractive action is superior to any cure. Before we can cure, we require arrangements, however to anticipate, we have to cure something. Reasonable measures ought to be connected to quit harassing. These measures will concentrate on the “be’s.” Be mollified with what you have.

Knowing both sides matters.

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