When was the last time have we thank the Great Provider and count His blessings?

          God made everything in six days and He rested on the seventh day as we gather wisdom from the Bible. It is a book full of His endless grace and mercy with us being centerpiece of all His creation. As faithful provider of everything we need, counting the blessings He gives can only be compensated with the gratefulness in our hearts.

          God made the rational man, none other than us. He provided us with the understanding to use whatever He gives us for our own good. The abundance and bounty of it all is that He gave us the usefulness of learning numbers every time we count on His endless blessings. Yes, let us thank God for the numbers because without them the meaning of living will never be defined and measured by us.

          We need food as a basic necessity. Count the crops, plants, produce of the seas and the livestock that supply us with food on our tables. Learn to acknowledge the quantity of the amount of sunlight and rain we receive and life will be full of appreciation.

          The breakthrough in science is not without numbers when they were formulated.

Sickness and illness were given treatment and cure with the accurate mixture of earth substances for the benefit of man and his recovery. Such are the wonders that numbers have given to us to live the fullness of life.   

          Do not be surprised to know that man’s relationship with his fellowmen is also comprised of numbers. The important meetings, appointments, and schedules which we are not to miss are all time bound. Numbers will always be there to remind us if we are late or prompt that defines our character. The precious moments spent with our loved ones are called quality time because numbers can tell us that it is so.

          Numbers may not be able to feel or sense what is happening about us given the different situations or circumstances. But one thing is sure though, we can always employ them to put bearing and meaning in all of the things we  possibly  do. As we are gifted, numbers can dictate the destiny of men wrapped in a simple package full of usefulness.

          Numbers may not directly talk to us. They need our attention to give them importance because of their inherent significance in relation to all of our daily activities and ventures. Numbers speaks of the truth about each and every one of us and all we need to do is to study and learn from the signs they are conveying in every split of a second.


          Indeed, as we count our blessings it is seemingly infinite. Like the significant value of numbers our daily lives is of worth. Again, when was the last time did we count our blessings?





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