EARLY REGISTRATION; A devotion of Public School Teacher

In the light of Republic Act 10157 also known as Kindergarten Education Act gave birth to the Early Registration of all public elementary school in the archipelago. This aims to enroll 5-year-old children in kindergarten. A strong foundation of academic as well as self-being is being rolled-out in the early years of children’s schooling. Moreover, it purpose to cater out-of-school children and out-of-school youth, locating, identifying and enroll them in formal schooling.

With this regard, public school teachers all over the Philippines devoted their eight (8) Saturdays to accommodate early registrants and provide their school statistics showing how many pupils are potentially enrolling for the incoming school year. This will provide the institution with the basis for preparation to address the potential gaps that may arise even before the regular enrolment in June. A commitment of public educators for four years since 2016.

This move of the Department of Education will ensure that there will be no children left behind and that they will have an equal access in education that may result to their future success.

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