Do you know YOU?

The only one who truly knows us is ourselves. We are the who manage our thoughts, command our body and have a complete thought of our being. But do we really understands ourselves fully? Are we reallythe ones who are in control? Have you thought even just for once, if you really know who you are? There will be times in our lives when we feel like our mind and body do not cooperate so well. Everything you have planned and carefully thought of didn’t work out. Things could get really out of hand sometimes, it’s part of the cycle. But what ourselves are going through with this process is something different. It is something deep that even us could not understand. Sometimes just by looking at the mirror, it seems you can’t see to find youself, as if the reflection that you are seing seems to be a complete stranger. We had all gone through that. It is confusing, it is turmoil of thought, it is unbearable yet, it leads us to one thing and that is the discovery. We will discover that we may not know ourselves too well and we started seeking for the answers. We will start familiarizing ourselves. That is how we communicate to ourselves and put everything is another journey but a wild one. There will be times you feel like giving up but you have to find the courage that will lead you to open your eyes and have a deeper connection within youself. Cowering is not an opt, get up your feet, dig deep,and trust the whole process.

Understanding yourself is a difficult task but it is a good way to improve who you are, in your eyes and also with the people around you. In the process of understanding oneself, you will go through acceptance, forgiveness and constant changes. It will be tormenting, but at the end you will realize that trusting the will all be worth it.

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