A need for Personal Integrity

To maintain the sustenance of life, majority of us want to have employment. Of course, it is a common sense that we always wanted to have source of income to support our personal/ family needs. But how should an employee be? What characters or traits should we possess to become a fitting one.

For me, its is just a simple and basic trait we should have. Let us start with the trait “Simple and Clean”. Basically, we should be always clean to our personal self. Taking a bath before going to office, wearing appropriate clothing for the working environment, etc. Not only on our tangible body but also clean on the words we utter. Part of being simple and clean is our workplace itself. As we embark in our day to day performance of our duty, it is important that the workplace is clean, presentable and work-worthy. We should ascent the work place with clear selfless service to others. Moreover, we should explore to make our workplace unified with our officemates.

Next would be “Personal Discipline”. It is very important to follow the do’s and don’ts set by the organization what we are employed to. There should be a high level of efficiency for a maximum yield of targets and minimum wasted works. Time is also of the essence. It should always be viewed as an opportunity and should be utilized for its optimum benefits.

Lastly, “Responsibility”. As we work, we should practice the liabilities held responsible to us. It is designed to make or break an employee when such responsibility is being handled. In the broader concept of responsibility, sharing what is the fundamental needs of others is a must. Putting personal interest aside for the benefit of many because for others is what we are here for. Most importantly serving others is also serving to Christ our Lord.

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