Is there a new way of teaching students? As time passes by, teachers had adapted to what is the considered “trending and new approaches in mathematics”. Such that teachers must always be up-to-date and consider things such as online webinars, taking online classes and be equipped with the need to upgrade one’s academic requirements like pursuing masters and doctors degree.
With the plenty of things to consider, it is essential that while the new normal is kicking in and people starts to be usual to the idea of the new scheme of learning, the challenge is for the mathematics teachers to abide with the need to academically survive. This may come hard especially if the internet is not that stable within one’s place or if the teacher is not that open with new avenues of learning and just want to retire early. Those may be considered hindrances in the new approaches of learning. However some of the teachers are still pursuing their love for the subject, for the students and had to still abide with their oath, as teachers.
Students mostly are digitally native especially with the environment that they had to grow with, such that they may become bored if the teaching in the new normal comes with the usual chalk and chalkboard (recorded/live) even though recorded and sent through to them electronically. Although the chalk and chalkboard comes with the classic idea of teaching and is also used today even though online, still there are some ways to make the frown upside down(smile), for all those teachers who are reconsidering to take a new course within the new normal, with the varieties of online platforms and tons of online applications which may be used in everyday classroom sessions. It is a mere suggestion that mathematics teachers explore those kinds of online platforms within the new normal.
Such that Apps and Websites for Teaching Math using the Online (Internet): (as introduced by Smith)
1. Khan Academy.
2. You Tube University.
3. IXL
4. Wolfram MathWorld
5. Desmos
6. Prodigy Math Game
7. Mat Planet
8. Adapted Time
Yesil (2016) also has highlighted some of the online platforms to be used nowadays. Such as:
You may visit more their websites and check for the proper usage and transactions done using online. Hoping that these suggestions may tinker the mathematics teachers’ curiosity.


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