Education has been an integral part of developing the students to become fully equipped with the necessary awareness and skills as they are exploring their journey towards achieving their dreams. However, due to the pandemic brought by COVID 19, the path of towards their success has given so much pain and caused minimal chances for each student’s with the learning process and the teachers means of facilitating learning.

              The DepEd TV, a Philippine Educational Television Program under the supervision of Ms. Leonor M. Briones (DepEd-Secretary), Dr. Alain Del B. Pascua (Undersecretary-DepEd), Mark Anthony Sy (DepEd Executive Assistant in collaboration with the DepEd Balanga City, DepEd Bataan, Bataan Provincial Local Government Units, Bataan Tourism.

With the guidance of Dr. Roland M. Fronda CESO V, Dr. Romeo M. Alip, CESO V and Ms. Elena Almario EPS in Filipino, TV Broadcasting is both a big challenge and privilege in putting up a Production Team for DepEd Province of Bataan (Remote Satellite Areas) to ensure that there will be additional access in education thru television, radio, online educational flat forms other than modules.

With my personal experience in DepEd TV Production as the one of the Production Head, Technical Crew, Camerawoman, Video Editor, Director, Propsman, Make-Up Artist, Vocal Coach and etc. I am very much happy and motivated to have finally drawn my dream since I was in college from scratch to a reality.

Every time I felt tired and restless, I always reflect on struggles I had experienced when I was a pre-school, primary, secondary and tertiary teacher for Physical Education, PE & Sports Coordinator, Intramurals Chairman, Emcee, Call Center Agent and one and only PE Teacher in Senior High School with 1,000+ students. Sometimes I experience being a janitor in my own room, guard in my own class and a mother in my own team.

With all these experiences, it helped me to become as calm and patient as possible. Not a single word can describe on how I see pressure as an opportunity to learn new things positively. I have become a risk-taker and drawn from curiosity, failures and mistakes.

As a part of the Technical Crew, it will always be a competition between chasing time vs. capabilities, experiences vs.  technical difficulties and commitment vs. passion.

As how I see a student jump, one movement at time towards accepting changes and being Teacher-Technical Crew, I know, I can make a big leap towards motivating the future broadcasters and teachers.

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