Safer Internet Day with a national Theme "Bagong Normal: Ligtas na Internet for All!"

The Significance of Online Platform in Education

In the face of a pandemic of Corona Virus Diseases, an online school is essential. Online media have infiltrated cultural practices relating to social and political issues. Online school is a habit of learning activities followed by reading and writing, which, in the end, might produce work. Individual habits are not something that humans naturally develop, but rather the process of attaining long-term results in valuing all of the knowledge and abilities acquired via education so that the individual concerned can do or do something that benefits his or others' lives.

The installation of an online school is a habit of learning activities, followed by reading, writing by typing, and a supportive atmosphere. It takes much effort to adjust to online learning because it necessitates a firm commitment. This might begin with acclimating to utilizing devices and creating a welcoming environment. The amount of achievement in both academic and communal life can be influenced by attending an online school. As a teacher, I believe that online schools use the acquisition of skills and knowledge to read, understand, and synthesize specialized texts and artifacts and intellectual tools and capacities to enable students to participate in society and culture fully. As a result of improving the quality of human resources, the quality of education can be increased by strengthening online schools. Strengthening online schools can also help to achieve long-term education.

In this institutionalizing online school culture, educational institutions must be a primary priority for the government. As a tool for creating a nation's future, education is critical to the realization of a literacy-based society. We can convey values from the older generation to the younger age through education. The values of a love of reading and writing are suitable and should be taught and practiced in schools. A student's reading and writing abilities are crucial. Reading skills are required to fully comprehend the scenario and gain further knowledge, terminology, and points of view. Writing abilities are required to explain ideas and arguments in the meantime. Students' enthusiasm in reading and writing must be fostered via education. Through the Department of Education, the government promotes a program including Education and Technology to disseminate information technology education.

At school, a culture of online media technology use has been incorporated into the curriculum to respond to new normal of education. Even while it has not yet been fully established in schools as a place to seek knowledge, it is ideal for building a culture of reading and writing or, at the very least, literacy culture has been implanted from an early age, and its implementation can be monitored. This online learning modality in elementary schools is designed to help pupils develop the habit of using high-quality online media, understand what they have read, and apply what they have learned in their daily lives with monitoring from school teachers. 

Online teaching and learning is inevitable in the new normal of education. Hence, teachers, leaners, parents and significant adults must adhere by upskilling technical competence and embracing the reality of education nowadays towards quality education for all leading to a more adaptable society.