From the very beginning, teachers must impart to the students the importance studying and its vital role in the shaping of their future. It is very important that that view studying as something enjoyable rather than an obstacle to overcome.

To be able build this kind of mindset, the students must learn how to have a good study habit. A person's customary conduct or habitual actions for studying and learning adequately are often termed as study habits. Study habits allow kids to have a deeper comprehension of their subjects while also making learning more comfortable and enjoyable. The study habits of a student are vital because it will help them improve their educational learning and skills. Some students may have flawed learning strategies, causing them to struggle and grow disillusioned with their academics.

There are many ways develop an effective study habit that can help students ace their studies without putting too much pressure.

Many individuals tried to memorize everything to the dot, as if they were robots preparing for an examination. This kind of studying is inefficient, memorizing facts and data, on the other hand, is not a smart option in the brief or long haul. In a short-term scenario, if you want to pass a test, it is better to be able to explain the topics because you comprehend the thought and the essence of it, rather than memorizing it word for word. Furthermore, as you memorized it, it may not be preserved in your memory in the long haul, and you may forget what you learned previously.

Studying is a task on its own, thus, it is important to focus on the task alone and not split your mind elsewhere. When studying, find a place that is concussive for learning, a place without disruptions. Avoid bring things that can cause interference from studying, like phones and other gadgets. We all have been there, studying can be really tiring and we come to a point that we are actively searching for things that can distract us from the task, and having the phone near within an arm’s reach is a temptation that is at times hard to refuse. So, it is better to save ourselves from that and keep it away.

Avoid cramming before an exam. It is like a tradition for students to put up all the studying until the day or night before the exam, which is absolutely unproductive. Cramming puts too much pressure in the task of studying which in turn do more harm than good. Studying last minute puts the brain into un overdrive, in absorbers more, it’s true, because of the adrenaline, however, it retains less of the information. It is not effective and even adds stress. Give yourself a few days to study, this way, the brain will have the time to slowly integrate the new information the memory, which will be more long-term.

In order to avoid cramming and last minute review sessions, it is advisable to have a type of planner where you can keep up with all the exam dates and other activities in school. It doesn’t have to be fancy like the planner displayed on book stores, just a simple notebook that is separate from the notebooks you take your notes into. By visualizing the things that need to be done, there will be no more surprise exams, well unless not the unintentional ones.

Note taking is also an essential study habit, same as keeping a planner, note taking is visualizing the topics that you study. By developing your own note taking pattern, your brain will be acclimatized with the way information and data were written, therefore it will be much easier to access the information when you need it. Color blocking note also gives the same effect, for example, using green highlighter for Math and yellow for Science, the brain will easy associate the color to the subject matter in question.

There are so many ideas out there regarding good study habits, tons of tips and tricks in making studying efficient and convenient. But at the end of the day, there is no cookie-cutter way of studying, it is a self-developed process that is taught from a young age. That is why it is vital to build that foundation early in education journey.