BNHS – SHS Teachers are very resilient, as we gave our full support, we are led by our school OIC/Principal Dr. Ronnie S. Mallari, helping one another and supporting each other in time of this new normal, the teachers willingness, self-sacrifice, and support to join hand in hand and do whatever is needed to ensure quality education that is truly inspiring.

As we collaborated with the local government, aiding the teachers and students by trying to find ways to provide free internet access for all, as they gave otg’s, usb, cellphones and loads to the needy.  The biggest threat in e-learning is the poor internet connectivity in our place or province.  It is a good thing that there are internet providers who  gave cost-effective options and promos especially for teachers and students. Doing different alternative activities and projects by using print-ready materials for those who have limited internet access. Some teacher pre-recorded their lessons so that the learners may copy the video discussions via flash drive or fb messenger.

So truly, the mindset of the resilient leader. Resilient people are more willing to make decisions because they believe they have a real impact on their situation and are not afraid to influence it.  There is a unity of direction in our part, as we all drive in one direction. We are hoping that one day, our outmost service and commitment to our learners will be their instrument to become a better person or a leader someday.

We are forever teachers…the noblest profession.