Science and Technology Amidst Pandemics

Science is the methodical study of the physical and natural properties of our surroundings through research and experimentation. Technology is the application of science to a practical goal. We can live a comfortable life thanks to the combination of science and technology.

Their presence is responsible for our improved standard of living. Science and technology are responsible for the advancements we see around us. We can live a happy life because of science and technology. The hope of our hard work and perseverance also envisions a sustainable world in which people meet present demands without jeopardizing posterity's ability to meet their own. It also establishes a space in which everyone can participate and thrive.

This vision is accompanied by an equitable place for everyone where needs are met fairly and impartially. The presence of science and technology makes this vision possible and attainable. It will not, however, take only eight hours of sleep. It is a lengthy process that must begin immediately, and we must all contribute to making this vision a reality. We can see how much science and technology have contributed to our overall lives by looking at how we are recovering from the COVID-19 global outbreak. It is clear from the dissemination of accurate and timely news to the development of vaccines all over the world. We cannot deny that science and technology were also instrumental in keeping us alive.

We already have evidence that science and technology are working for our front-liners. We can no longer ignore the fact that these two disciplines have also been assisting our back liners to assist us. It assists our farmers in increasing crop yields and staying current with cutting-edge farming techniques. It is critical in monitoring and controlling crop irrigation systems. Advanced technology devices enable businesses to be more profitable, efficient, and advantageous while also protecting the environment.

Face-to-face school and work meetings have been halted since the outbreak began. Fortunately, we live in a modern world where we can connect our mobile phones to the internet with a few clicks and then simply enter ourselves into a Google or Zoom meeting. Another benefit of technology is eased to access to information, which only takes a few seconds to fact-check. Nobody will ever forget how much fun it is for students to participate in educational activities.

Exciting materials and experiences motivate them to learn and explore throughout their school years. It is also what students use when they need to complete homework or study for upcoming quizzes. Surviving has become difficult for us in recent years, let alone doing so without the aid of science and technology. It is far more complicated than grieving the loss of a loved one or ending a long-term relationship with the person we thought would last a lifetime. Surviving without technology could be compared to breathing without oxygen. The lack of these things may result in the loss of our life. Some may believe that, like our grandparents, we can live without science and technology. Some may believe that we can live without science and technology, just as our forefathers did. The problem back then was that they had plenty of resources to meet their needs and even desires. We don't have the same resources they did. Today, only science and technology can meet our needs from the resources that remain while also ensuring that future generations have a comfortable life.

Science and technology aid us in everything we do or plan to do. Everything within its scope is convenient and easily accessible. We cannot survive for a single day if we do not have access to technology. It has become the focal point of our lives, as well as the beginning of our wonder and exploration. It is safe to say that science and technology have dominated our lives. We should always do our best to maximize our potential and make the best of what we have. Science and technology enable us to be wiser and more substantial than before.