Pandemic has brought a great damage in the education system. After the two-year hiatus of face-to-face learning, learning loss is very evident especially in the area of 3Rs (Reading, wRiting and ‘Rithmetic).

          To address these learning gaps, school teachers conducted different diagnostic assessments in the beginning of the school year 2022-2023. The results showed that failure to these assessments is due to the reading and comprehension ability of the learners. There are non-reader and syllabic learners in all grade level especially in elementary grades. Therefore, teachers started to teach alphabet letters and letter sound. This is known as the phonetic awareness. This is the first step in the beginning reading stage. The learner should learn to be familiar with the letter names and sounds for them to connect and be able to read syllables turning into words, into phrases, into sentences, into paragraphs, and into stories or books. Phonetic awareness is very important to build a strong foundation in reading. When a learner learns to read, s/he can easily fill in his/her learning gaps and be able to master skills intended to his/her right grade level. Reading is the foundation of all learnings.

          As part of education system, we should also take part a solution to these learning gaps in reading. Teachers should teach the phonetic awareness especially in primary learners who are in the beginning stage of learning. Building a great foundation is building a great future.