The moment that a child was born, the parents' job is to make her child feel the unconditional love and care. In addition, it is also their duties and responsibilities to educate their children in all aspects of their lives. Despite of not having any formal training in education, parents still hold the key to their child's developmental academic success.  Children learn most effectively from the positive role models they see at home. Children look forward to their parents as they become older for guidance in understanding the world and developing valuable life skills. 

          On the other hand, as teacher in the public school for approximately four years, I have seen many different varieties of parents. A parent who is actively involved in contributing to the progress of the learners wherein they engaged themselves in the process of their child's learning.   However, there are some parents who are neither interested nor involved in their children's educational development.  They simply handed over the entirety of the responsibilities to the teacher. In addition to this, I have witnessed a wide variety of students, each with their own distinct demeanor and attitude. A learner who obeys the rules, study well and shows respect for others, and a learner who is unconcerned with his academic performance and insensitive to emotions of those people around him.

          As a parent, you have an unparalleled impact on your children, who learn from you every day through your words and actions, and as such, there is no official education that can match to the lessons you teach them at home. Aside from teachers, you are the most influential person in their lives, so now is the moment to instill him or her the good values and  academic knowledge and skills that they will bring in their future endeavors.

          In reality, the level of parental involvement is the one most accurate indicator of a student's academic success. Improvements in students' attitudes, morality, and academic performance may be attributed to increased parental participation, which conveys to the student the significance of their education. When parents take an active interest in their children's education, their children have better ambitions for their future, higher attendance rates, lower dropout rates, and less behavioral problems. Now, is the perfect time. Your involvement as parents’ matter. It is the key to your child’s better future.