Confidently Lead with Positivity

Every leader has a unique leadership philosophy, values, and style when it comes to leading their school. However, leading with positivity is one of the timely leadership philosophies. The school was surrounded by negativity, as well as the demise of the leadership style. Leading with a heart will assist an individual in minimizing interruption. Workers' attitudes are linked to productivity, according to Mary Park Follet's Human Relations Movement theory from the 1930s. Leaders must treat them decently and allow them to pursue their goals. Allowing them to express their abilities and knowledge in any setting or educational obstacle is allowing them to express themselves. Educational leadership ought to have a variety of traits that will aid in achieving organizational goals. They should have recognized the value of community building, empowering teachers and cultivating leadership abilities, utilizing data and human and physical resources, having a clear vision and well-planned strategies, and creating a collaborative, effective learning environment.

Despite these features, a variety of obstacles have an impact on the success of schools and school leaders. COVID-19 had a huge impact on people's lives in 2020. Thousands of students were affected by the pandemic problem, which forced schools to close. This pandemic had a significant impact on the educational landscape, notably in terms of educational management and the delivery of high-quality learning. Addressing and measuring the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic problem on education is extremely important and relevant. Not only was the curriculum of education impacted by the outbreak, but all facets of education were impacted. Every person in the organization endured a lot. Thus, assessing the pandemics’ impact and effect enables the institution in serving the needs of teachers and students.

Yet, particularly at a time of crisis, there is no magical pattern or leadership style. However, as a school administrator, a leader should shoulder the burden and devise strategies for limiting the pandemic's impact on institutions. Let us accept the fact that no man is an island, everyone needs the company of others. It takes the unity of all members in an organization to succeed. Hence, first, a leader must determine the personnel’s limitations and capabilities for these are the individuals who can support a leader to find solutions, especially in times of crisis. Second, determine the resources that are required and available. Examine the contingency plan and make any necessary changes or revisions to it considering the current pandemic. Most significantly, a school leader must know how to remain calm, optimistic, and resilient in the face of adversity, as he will be the organization's stronghold.