Enjoying PASINAYA 2023

                February was to celebrate National Arts Month (NAM) with this year’s theme, “Ani ng Sining, Bunga ng Galing.” In compliance with the schools implementing SPA, the BNHS SPA conducted series of activities after 3 years of no festivities. One of these is the PASINAYA 2023: The CCP Open House Festival; the largest annual multi-arts festival in the country, as it returns LIVE in various venues at the CCP Complex and in partner museums and galleries.

                It aims to expose SPA students to various cultural places and events and acquire first-hand knowledge about different arts specializations using the knowledge acquired to understand Filipino tradition, artifacts, arts, and cultural identity.

                Where dancers performed for its opening celebration on the CCP front lawn in Pasay City on February 4, 2023. Students from different schools participated, witnessed the event, and joined lots of activities. BNHS SPA on its second time attending this kind of festival chose from over a hundred shows, workshops, and other various activities in music, theater, dance, visual arts, film, and literature. Specifically, the SPA Dance student participants took part in the opening of Pasinaya: Palihan on its second day with other art groups and enthusiasts. They performed the Pasinaya dance and attended different workshops, and art sessions in four outdoor venues at the CCP Complex and the Encantada: A Repertoire Class, which is a 30-minute dance workshop at the Tanghalang Ignacio Gimenez. They also experienced making artworks named Chalk Play at Liwasang Kalikasan. They were able to socialize and learned different cultures and new things that can only be read in their books.

             This year’s journey ended up going to one of the most famous art venues which is the National Museum. They personally examined and understood the meaning and purpose of the historical paintings, sculptures, and other artifacts that they learned about in the four corners of the room. The student-participants appreciated the opportunity and were very thankful that they experienced different activities even visiting the Mall of Asia. They finally bonded and had fun on some rides and enjoyed each other’s company.