Look at the Teachers

To achieve the objectives of Education for All (EFA), the Philippine Department of Education is striving to put new policies into place as part of the Basic Education Sector Reform Agenda. So, in order to enhance student learning outcomes and school performance in general, teachers must be given the authority to actively participate in the continuing transformation of schools. Locally, it has been reported that teachers have shown decreased engagement in certain school operations despite schools' best attempts to support them for a variety of causes and differences. Like other schools, Tapinac Senior High School just started face-to-face instruction this academic year; as a result, additional operations-related tasks are anticipated to be carried out.

Currently, the Schools Division Office of Olongapo City has implemented the Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE) to encourage, recognize, and reward staff members, individually or in groups, for their recommendations, creative ideas, inventions, discoveries, superior accomplishments, heroic deeds, exemplary behavior, extraordinary acts or services in the public interest, and other personal efforts which contribute to the efficiency, economy, and improvement of the school system (R.M. 217, s. 2022).

Everyday teachers encounter various challenges along with their basic duties and responsibilities based on their teaching loads, hence, it is necessary to make them feel cared and loved, in order to have extra motivation to always be active, ready, and diligent at work. Particularly in senior high school settings where different activities aligned with the curriculum require teachers’ full engagement and commitment.

It has been proven that the quality of teachers is still the most important factor in the success of students and schools, so it is needed to always encourage and motivate them to be the best version of themselves.