When can we say that an employee is being engage in one’s work? What would be the qualifiers for us to say that he/she is already satisfied and committed at work? How can we say that an employee is being productive and efficient?

There are a lot of factors for us to say that an employee is really engage at work. Employee engagement is a definition of the relationship between the employee and his/her organization. If an employee is being enthusiastic about one’s work and they go for an extra mile for the betterment of the organization, then, we can say that that person is really engaged.

It is really hard to reach the stage in which all the employees will be engaged. It has long been a big challenge for people who take charge of the well-being of the employees to motivate them in order to lead them to become productive.

Some strategies that would help the employees to become engage at work include the following:

(1) better employee feedback; (2) good leadership and management and (3) work-life balance.

Employees should be provided with constructive feedback regarding the evaluation of their performance in order for them to see and estimate whether they are doing good or if they still need to improve. As they perform, they may identify the things that make them satisfied at work and which are not. In addition to this, such employees should be managed and handled by effective leaders with good management style. Based on research, one of the reasons why employees stay or leave their work is mainly because of their superior. Thus, if employees will be well taken care of, the possibility of them being more engage is more likely. And lastly, the employees’ well-being should also be of utmost importance. If their work and life demands will strike a balance, the more likely that they become engage at work. If an employee can effectively manage one’s personal and professional life, then the more engage they may be.

Each employee has his/her own way of how to be motivated and engaged at work but what is important is that they deliver quality service and establish productivity at work.


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