Adults must be the role model of the young.

            As of 2015, Education Secretary Leonor Briones, ordered a memorandum mandating all educational institution to prohibit all personnel, stakeholders and the community to show violence but rather treat the school as peace zones.

            According to Secretary Briones, “Schools must be treated as neutral zones despite being in the middle of intense and conflict.” This only means that even if the schools are between wars, people surrounding it especially the army and terrorists should consider the school as a valley of peace.

            School is an important institution in the society wherein children are spending half of their lives. This is also where the children learn and grow as an individual, so everyone should give respect from it accordingly and spare it from any destruction and harm for it was a second home of our children.

            The government should find a way to protect the schools and give sanctions to those who failed to do so.


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