• An educator was never “once” a learner, because an educator is “always” a learner. Apart from continually serving for the fellowmen, a teacher runs like a cheetah, leaps like a tiger, climbs like a panther, and fights like a lion. A teacher moreover instills benevolence within the self, believing that kindness begets kindness. He or she respects students’ rights, reflects on everyday encounters, trusts that his or her mentees can accomplish all the requirements and keep studying well, and thanks God for the day spent worthy.
  • In real life, grapevines do exist. It cannot be eliminated, but can be avoided.Nevertheless, just like the learners, teachers are also unique from each other; they vary with their personalities. Some may forget that they tend to act professionally so they just confront the problem with a little indignity. Some may avoid the mocking situation as if air invisibly passes by. Some may be disturbed by the mingling gossip of the voices around, but choose to talk about the problem with calmness and optimism. Whatever the problem may be, a teacher should end it as if a nail is being marred by a hammer. But the proper way leads the rest of the day.
  • A teacher mentally and emotionally discerns anxiousness in every process of teaching and learning. From the planning of the lesson, creating instructional aides, proposing intrinsic and extrinsic motivations, executing activities, administering tests and other forms of assessments, evaluating scores, solving grades, and until the commencement exercises, all of these are the jobs of educators. Yet these are not distressing at all. When a mentor learns to enjoy every momentous step, fulfillment fills the gap. No matter how hard the task is, a teacher will surely shoot the ball without fail.
  • Giving up is just a thought, but not a goal. The motto of a teacher is that teaching goes beyond profession, it is a mission. Feeling exhausted on a day’s duty is never an abnormality. Learn to rest while you are tired. Teachers are not unfeeling creatures. Even robots stop working when out of charge. The best way to avoid giving up is to refuel the energy all throughout the body – physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and socially.
  • A teacher touches the hearts of the students and makes a huge impact to their lives. But it goes back like a boomerang. The greatest accomplishment of a teacher is when they see their students made a big difference to the lives of other people.
  • A teacher’s creed is not a selfish deed. Thinking of salary rate is normally practical. Even so, the quintessence of being a teacher is to sacrifice for the sake of the entirety. Well compensation somehow energizes the teacher to teach.
  • The teacher is the students’ guide, yet God is the chieftain pilot. A teacher seeks guidance from the omnipotent heavenly father so that no one will get left behind.
  • Lastly, once a teacher, always a teacher.



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