Embarking in an employment will enhance youth to acquire positive sense of self-development in order to attain goals. This will further lead to the improvement of their potentials thus enabling to work together harmoniously within the workplace. It will hasten the development of interpersonal skills which is fundamental for interaction with the people an individual working with. There is a social change, self-transformation coupled with integrity, responsibility, honesty, concern for others and dedication.

            Any institution for that matter has standards and policies that employees has to subscribe in order that he/she can be in the organization. Some stresses punctuality, sincerity, industry and professionalism.

            Adapting to the requirements of personal involvement in the job is very important that one should be familiar of how one should behave and perform his job well. Good manners should be explicitly be observed at all times. Speech mode and language should be watched out for.

            As this skills develop while we are employed, one will never find it hard to socialize, interact, and behave in distress or any institutional problems to deal with. Working with an environment that is pleasant improves and increases performance achievement. Such reduces tension much more and will lead to better results. Performance is equitable to pleasant working condition and good working relationship.



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