Sensitive students are not really stressors to teachers in school but it can be bothersome if you have too sensitive in the class that sometimes, you feel like you are standing in a needle being very careful in what you say and do.

The first crucial thing to do is to identify whether your student is really sensitive and if he is, realize that while it can be a bit tough to handle his sensitivity, being able to know early is very helpful. It can also be very helpful if the child’s parents are involved in dealing with the sensitivity.

For a sensitive child, the adults should help them maintain their sensitivity and self-esteem. It is crucial that they do not feel like they are not like other children. You do not adjust the child’s behaviour but yours. Do not force him to adapt to the expectations of the society. Unconditional love and acceptance is very important. Do not try to change the child. Make him see and feel that you accept him for who and what he is.

Partner with him to make agreements to interact with other people safely. If he is not yet ready to mingle with the entire class, he case mingle with one classmate and then little by little with a group and with several more until he is comfortable to interact with the entire class.

Acknowledge your sensitive students strengths. The sensitive child should not be labelled. Lovingly and thoroughly explain to him that he understands life experiences in a wider and deeper way and that this gift has a strength attached to it. Help him focus on this strength. Tell him that he has better imagination of things, can concentrate better, and can empathize more. Make him feel that these attributes are all good and that these can be used in constructive and positive manner.


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