Social emotional intelligence is the building block to develop emotional intelligence. This is the ability to recognize emotions, identify one’s own feelings, and becoming aware of connecting own feelings with that of another. It is also the ability to connect feelings to behaviour, appropriately express emotions and control its intensity. Children who are able to recognize their own emotions through social emotional intelligence are more successful in understanding and tapping emotions of others.

Schools can have Social Emotional Intelligence programs that can help students develop S.E.I. Age-appropriate conflict resolutions and interpersonal skills can be taught to students. Research shows that when such intelligence is included in a school program, it greatly reduces violence, bullying, drop outs, and increases self-esteem of the students.

Moreover, this also showed significant effects on the academic performance of students. They are better able to identify strengths and weaknesses and accept differences with their co-learners. This helps them become more aware of what they can and cannot do and what they can achieve.

S.E.I. is part of holistic programing that does not only cater to becoming mentally intelligent but being emotionally intelligent as well. The impact is that it has led to improved self-confidence among students, better social skills, and less violence. It also showed better school performance.

Children, at their young age, should be taught social emotional intelligence when they are more malleable. Older children can be guided as well. In every approach at the classroom, infusing S.E.I. can do lots of wonders eventually.


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