Most of Mathematics teachers may not be able to answer what is it in this subject that most of students are less interested and some of them hates it. But instead of answering the questions, we rather make strategies to motivate students in learning mathematics. Some of us incorporate music in teaching mathematics, so those students who like music will be able to learn by this technique. Most of the time, we give them the importance of mathematics in our lives, we give them examples when, where, why you should study mathematics now. When we know that some have mastered skills already, we build it more, we give them more examples, more challenges and so they become more interested in solving more and more. Playing games in mathematics lesson is one of the method in motivating students to participate in mathematics class. As our students now are called millennial students, they mostly rely in the technology, so incorporating technology in mathematics lesson makes them more interested into subject. And most importantly as a Mathematics teacher, if you want your class to be lively, that all learn enthusiastically, you yourself should deliver the mathematics lesson as lively as you can and as enthusiastic as it should be. In this way, no one will sleep and everyone will participate.


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